Mirna Vázquez Rosas Landa, PhD

Mirna Vázquez Rosas Landa, PhD

R-Ladies Xalapa, San Cristóbal de las Casass

I am an evolutionary ecologist who seeks to understand microbial life, what are the ecological and evolutionary factors that shape microbial populations, as well as understanding the dynamics of their genomes in the light of evolution.

I’m currently a postdoc at the microbial ecology lab at the University of Texas at Austin, where my research focuses on the discovery of new lineages and metabolic pathways of ocean microorganisms through the reconstruction of genomes obtained with metagenomics.

I did my PhD at the Institute of Ecology UNAM, where I studied the evolution of bacteria using comparative and population genomics. For this research, I isolated bacteria from the pools of Cuatro Ciénegas and looked for genes associated with local adaptation. During my first postdoc, I studied the interaction between plants, insects and microbes, using transcriptomic tools and 16s RNA amplicone libraries.

I like the R community, I am co-organizer of R-Ladies Xalapa and San Cristobal, and also part of the board team of the Community of Software Developers in Bioinformatics (CDSB). Currently, I am working on my first R package called Rbims that it’s focused on the analysis of metabolism.


  • Bioinformática
  • Metagenómica
  • Paquetes de R