First Annual Meeting R-Ladies Mexico

Aug 23, 2020 1:52 AM

In the middle of 2017, the first R-Ladies chapter in Mexico joined the growing list of R-Ladies chapters around the world. Three years later, 8 more chapters have been created and almost 3,000 members have joined this community in our country.

This year, 2020, we are joining forces to strengthen ties in the R-Ladies community from all over the country at the First Annual R-Ladies Mexico Meeting.

Main goals

  • Share experiences through an innovative and interactive virtual experience.
  • Establish a panel discussion on the perspectives of R-Ladies in our country.
  • Empower women to create new chapters in Mexico as a growing community.
  • Organization of speaking engagements and workshops as an opportunity to connect with the community of R users.


September 24th, 2020, 17:00 h (Time zone in Mexico City)


17:00-17:05WelcomeJoselyn Chávez
17:05-17:15R-Ladies Global PresentationAna Beatriz Villaseñor Altamirano
17:15-17:45Talk 1: History and statistics of R-Ladies chapters in MexicoSilvia Gutiérrez
Driselda Patricia Sánchez Aguirre
Leticia Vega Alvarado
Nancy Manzo
Averi Giudicessi
17:45-18:45Panel discussion: challenges and perspectives for R-Ladies in MexicoAna Beatriz Villaseñor Altamirano
Marcela Dolores Guerra Osorno
Joselyn Chávez
Mariana Carmona
Carmina Barjón
Averi Giudicessi
Nancy Lizett Manzo Romero
Karen Nohemi Morales Galindo
Moderator: Azalea Reyes Aguilar
18:45-19:00Coffee break and networking
19:00-19:30Short talks session: Applications of R programmingAurora Labastida: R en mis proyectos de genómica, en casa y con mis amigas
Mirna Vázquez Rosas Landa: R ¿El microscopio del siglo XXI?
Regina Isabel Medina Rosales: Uso de R para políticas públicas
Karen Julia Nuñez Reza: R en Ciencias Biomédicas
Katia Guzmán: Análisis de encuestas y loops
Nancy Manzo: R en la investigación social.
19:30-19:55Talk 2: How to start an R-Ladies chapter in your cityKaren Morales
19:55-20:00Closing remarksMaria Teresa Ortiz
20:00-21:00Happy hour


Code of Conduct

Please read and respect our Code of Conduct. I you have any report, please contact us at

Virtual Background

Join our Zoom meeting using the R-Ladies MX virtual background

Organizers of RLadiesMX 2020


We thank CDSB for their suppoort during the organization of this event.